Commit cabe10b3 authored by Harmonikater's avatar Harmonikater
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Fallback terrain import from root level folder

parent 72bf51ff
......@@ -131,10 +131,14 @@ fn bf2ImportHeightmap fname:undefined s:10.0 seaLevel:undefined=
local index = findString tRawFile levelName
if index == undefined then
format "ERROR! heightmap .raw not found!\n"
return false
tRawFile = substring tRawFile (index + levelName.count) -1
tRawFile = (pathConfig.stripPathToLeaf tRawFile)
--format "ERROR! heightmap .raw not found!\n"
--return false
tRawFile = substring tRawFile (index + levelName.count) -1
rawPath = pathConfig.appendPath rawPath tRawFile
format "tScale.y: %\n" tScale.y
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