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Check out the [docs](docs/ for more detailed information on what the tools can do and how to use them.
## Troubleshooting
Common Problems:
* If the exporter doesn't produce any files, check that the executables are downloaded correctly. Since this repository uses LFS, incorrect usage of git may result in the executables not being downloaded correctly. If your executables are small text files, make sure to use [the link provided in this readme]( and not the download zip button that Gitlab provides. Alternatively, make sure you've installed and set up git LFS.
* If the exectuables are correct, but still the exporter produces no output, make sure that 3dsmax has the required permissions to run the executables. In most cases, the default installation path of 3dsmax requires admin permissions in order to successfully export objects.
* If the executables are correct and admin permissions are already set, there may also be problems with 32-bit systems and missing DirectX, check this [link at classic-battlefield-modding]( for more info.
## Credits
The following people have worked on or provided help to this toolset (in alphabetical order):
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